Digital Marketing Trends – targeting the African-American Consumer

Do they plan to market and sell their products and services to the African-American consumers? If so, in order to successfully market to this community, this is the advantage of understanding each digital marketing trends: how today's African-Americans shop where you hang out where they are most likely to be receptive to advertising and more importantly, how they feel in marketing and media.

They say that "2014 will be the year of social media and killing small business." It's also been said that a properly implemented digital marketing strategies to help small businesses grow. So, what does this mean for small businesses that plan is intended primarily black American consumers? This means that you need to have a realistic understanding of where Black consumers and cybercultural fit the new media landscape. You want to keep the following findings and / or trends to customize your mind small business marketing campaign targeting this consumer

1. Many, if not most, young African-Americans and for the first influential pop culture so you will want to promote the new technology and lifestyle products to this demographic of consumers.

2. Black Americans are big users of social media and the huge consumers of video content.

3. Black Digital consumers are very receptive to advertising on mobile devices.

4. The Black consumer smart phone ownership increased from 33% to over 54% and continues to grow.

5. African-Americans use their phones texting, internet access, sending and receiving, downloading pictures, music and mobile video, access to Twitter and Facebook than other demographics.

6. Black women are huge users of e-commerce to purchase the beauty products, clothes, health products and food.

7. Black men and women are very socially connected to others. 72% of black adults have more than one online social networking profile.

8. Black women ages18 between 35 to 72% more likely to highlight products and web content preferences, "love", "next" or linking to an article, brand or website.

9. Black Black Americans trust the media more than traditional sources of information. The ads, which reflect the benefits of our products and services, and to convey a positive message to the African-American community was well received.

between the ages of 10 African American women between 18 and 35 are 72% more likely to publish a blog.

African-Americans have incredible purchasing power. Still, compared to the impact of the tough recession, the black community still spending power of the US consumer market. The Nielsen Company is a global information and research firm, indicated that African-American buying power will reach 1100000000000 $ 2,015

As Marketingvox: "Consumers are hungry for original content, connect to brands that represent them instead of just nod, to them, and digital content and mobile platform is strongly related. "So, what does this small enterprises targeting this community? In order to take advantage of the purchasing power of this community to step up their game and stay in tune with consumer behavior and digital marketing trends. Finally, to apply creative ways to tap into the Black American market.

Source by Stacey O Mathis

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